How Does Boosting Work in Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2 has been out for quite some time and it is regaining its lost attention and player base. With the rise of competition from other games overwatch 2 is getting a lot of new content and bimonthly seasonal updates to keep things fresh. Overwatch 2 has a rank ladder like every other competitive game. The game offers around 7 ranks with 5 divisions for each rank now if you know that this climbing ranks is a hard nut to crack even if you have good aim and good tracking ability you’ll get wrecked in higher elo games and that is why I am going to talk boosting in overwatch 2 in this blog I’ll get through the whole process of how to get boosted in overwatch 2.

What is boosting and why it matters:

But before I begin to explain how it works maybe I should explain what even boosting is. So basically if you want to get a better rank at overwatch without grinding the game hours every day then you can get a boost. Essentially you’ll pay a higher rank pro player to play at your account on your behalf and surplus your rank as to your will in exchange for money. It is the easiest and fastest way to rank up in Overwatch 2. Why it matters is because if you have skills like good aim, nice target tracking ability, and most of all game sense yet you still cannot rank up there’s a reason for that and that reason is your team is bottlenecking your performance. Like it or not Overwatch 2 is a team game and no matter how good you are at the game if you get a bad team you can’t rank up and that’s why you get boosted for a rank that is according to your skill set. After getting a sufficient rank you can get better playing teammates even in solo queues. Now that I have cleared everything up let’s begin

Find a trusted website:

The first step of getting boosted is to find a trusted website that has a good amount of positive reviews and a faster delivery. There are many websites on the internet to choose from. Now do your due diligence about that website and find out if it is trusted or not. After finding all of these things you now should place your order if you can trust that website. After placing your order the website should contact you for your account’s credentials and the booster will take care of your account from there. There are also private boosters that are not associated with any website or a company you could get boosting from them but I would not suggest you go with them because it’s a matter of trust if these private boosters stole your account there’s little to nothing you can do about but if you go with a website that has a good reputation they’ll not do such thing whatsoever.

Choose the boosting type:

There are mainly two types of boosting in overwatch don’t worry they both include skill rating boosting there’s not a wrong choice here. The two types are:

1. Piloted boosting:

In this type of boosting you will share your account’s credentials with the booster and he will play at your existing account on your behalf. This option is kinda expensive but it is the most effective and guaranteed way to boost your skill ratings.

2.  Self-play boosting:

In this type of boosting the booster will play with you as a teammate and will carry you in matches and eventually, you’ll rank up. This boosting option is kinda more secure and protective but the acceleration in rank and skill ratings will be slow because the game rewards individual performances more. Keep in mind that this is the most secure way to get boosting.

What to do after:

After finding out your favorite Overwatch 2 boosting company and selecting your preferred boosting type you should provide any necessary information to the boosting company and you should also remove any two factors or any other security measures from your account that can get in the way of boosting.

Another thing that you need to do is to communicate with your booster and if you want you can jump in with the booster as an add-on to the existing service this way you should be able to get the most out of your boosting service because you will be able to absorb any good thing or pieces of information that you need to be good at the game. The last thing that you want is to rush the process because ranking up takes time.

So be reasonable and understanding and if you order boosting for two to three divisions higher than your current then it obviously will take time. So be patient and you’ll eventually get a higher rank.

Positives and negatives of boosting:

While there are many positives about boosting there are also some negative sides to it. So I’ll provide some of the points that you can weigh in to make the decision for yourself.

  1. Hassle-free and the easiest way to rank up.
  2. Time saver
  3. Can give you a sense of achievement of ranking up.
  4. It’s cheaper than hiring a coach
  1. Rank decay can make your rank pretty much worse if you don’t have skills yourself.
  2. You could also waste your money if you don’t put effort into yourself after getting boosted.